Use cash, without the change

Pay and be paid in cash, with no need for coins. Store and spend change on your phone or Shrap card, anonymously and for free.

For Business

Customer paying with cash? Transfer their change instantly through the app.

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For Everyone

Using cash? Collect and spend your change with Shrap, anonymously and for free.

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Shrap enables free, anonymous transactions

The future of cash

Shrap is committed to supporting the future of cash. Removing the need to handle coins makes cash more efficient, and more viable for businesses to continue to accept.

Use Shrap as a virtual coin jar

Coins, reimagined

Coins don't do much for us sitting in coin jars, cash drawers, bank vaults, or landfill. With Shrap, coins recirculate in a digital form while retaining the key attributes of cash: free, stable, anonymous, and accessible to all.

Shrap enables fee-free micropayments

Rediscovering value

Down the back of the sofa, in a coin jar or simply discarded... coins represent significant 'lost' value. Shrap makes coins convenient to use, realising their value and supporting local (and national) economies. We think that's change for the better.

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Change for the better

Download the Shrap app, and support the future of cash