White paper: Alternatives to sleepwalking (or stampeding) into a cashless society

The shift to a cashless society is seen by many as an inevitability. Whether for reasons of efficiency, security or hygiene, there are good reasons to adopt alternatives to cash.

Yet, even in economies with the least cash use, governments are having to intervene to protect citizens' ability to use it: a significant minority rely on cash, and many more choose to continue using it.

In this thought-provoking and insightful white paper, Dr Ian Hunt asks why it is that cash use prevails, including:

  • Objective analysis of the contrasting perspectives on cash
  • Appraisal of the economics of cash and the forces driving the move to cashless
  • The alternatives to cash, the business models driving them, and the ways in which they are - or are not - able to replicate the features of cash
  • How innovative digital solutions may provide the key to the future of cash

About the author

Dr Ian Hunt Dr Ian Hunt is a well-known industry consultant to asset managers and asset owners. He is the Buy-Side Innovation Lead for RiskFirst, the dominant provider of risk and analytics to the defined benefit pension market; he acts as Design Authority for FundAdminChain, a distributed ledger platform for funds, and is a non-executive director of Shrap, the digital coin replacement platform. Ian advises a range of major global asset managers on distributed ledger technology.