Case studies

Shrap works for everyone in society.


An elderly pensioner, cash and coins have always been part of Ron’s life. 

As is the case for many elderly citizens, adopting new services and technology can be off-putting to Ron, but the case for replacing low-denomination coins has resonated with Ron and his small circle of friends.

“When you think about it, most coins just go into a pot at home and get forgotten about. I found Shrap easy to understand, being able to save my change and use it like a gift card. It just makes sense to me.”


A single mum, Hayley is not cash dependent but prefers to use cash to budget for certain expenses, and to give money to her daughter.

Like many people, Hayley often makes card payments, but would not like to lose the ability to access and use cash.

“I like to use cash but when you think about it, the small change is a real waste,” says Hayley. 

“I love the idea of Shrap, which makes it easy to save and spend my change in local shops. I can accept the idea of coins going, but I want cash to stay. I’m fully on board.”


Of no fixed address, Steve has a pre-paid card but is otherwise unbanked and depends on cash. 

Despite being a vital means for survival, coins are a problem. Besides the physical weight of coin, low-denominations in particular are a hassle to use and a source of embarrassment due to the associated stigma.

“I know beggars can’t be choosers,” says Steve, “but for me Shrap is way better than dealing with all the coins. No one likes to be the one holding up a queue, fumbling about with coppers, the shop doesn’t even like it.”

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