Shrap for everyone

Paying with cash? Receive the change on your phone or Shrap card.

How Shrap works

When you are paying with cash, simply request your change on the Shrap app or card.

Pay with cash, but request your change on Shrap
The cashier scans your phone or card…
…and sends change to your Shrap account instantly
You receive a notification to confirm the amount. Done!
Shrap is your digital coin jar

Think of Shrap like your coin jar…

But when you want to use the change you have collected, there is no need to bag up coins and take them to the bank. Or pay high fees at a coin-cashing machine. Or ever deal with the coins at all, for that matter.

Conveniently store your change, spend it, or withdraw it to your bank account*.

Using Shrap will ALWAYS be free of charge and anonymous.

* If you choose to withdraw money, there is a charge of £0.90 to cover the banks' processing fees.

Use Shrap for fee-free payments

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Make payments to shops - or any other Shrap user - totally free of charge.

Any payment of up to £10 can be made through the Shrap app, meaning that you can pay for small items without carrying coins or burdening retailers with card transaction fees. Everyone wins.

Shrap supports local economies

Give your local economy a boost

Did you know that millions are lost every year ‘down the back of the sofa’? By using Shrap you are helping keep currency in circulation, benefitting everyone.

Local business doesn’t have the app yet?

Let us know! Send us the name of the business and we'll try to get in touch.

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