Shrap for charity

Spare change has long been a significant source of revenue for charities. As our reliance on coins reduces, Shrap is committed to ensuring that people can continue to support charity by donating their change.

Coinless charity collections

When making a cash purchase, people collect change onto their Shrap account. We make it easy to donate that spare change to good causes.

Charity barcodes can be used to collect donations Each charity has a unique Shrap barcode, which can be displayed anywhere
Anyone with a smartphone can scan a charty barcode to donate People scan to donate at point of sale, street collections, events...
Charity donations with Shrap are free of charge The service is 100% free of charge, helping support charities of all sizes
With Shrap, people can automatically donate a portion of their spare change to charity

Automatic donations

Shrap allows people to search and select from local, national and international charities, and set a percentage of spare change to donate.

Whenever change is received, the set proportion is automatically paid to the selected charities - totally free of charge.

Shrap makes it more efficient to collect charity donations

Efficient and effective

All that is needed to collect donations is a Shrap barcode. Show it on a screen, print it on a poster or ID card, tattoo it on your forehead - the only limitation is your imagination!

Shrap users can scan the barcode to make instant payments, or set a percentage of their change to automatically donate. Donations are transferred immediately to the charity's account, totally free of charge.

With Shrap, charity collections are more secure and sustainable

Secure and sustainable

No coins to transport, no coins to count, no coins to lose.

Shrap is secure and digital, without the expense and footprint of physical coins.

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