Shrap for independents

Shrap makes accepting cash more convenient and affordable.

More than 7,500 cash transactions per month? Find out more about Shrap for enterprise

We support the future of cash.
And it's coinless.

Most business owners want to continue accepting cash. But have you thought how you will handle it when all of the bank branches have gone?

Bank branches are closing at a rate of around 5% every three months, and fees for handling cash are continuing to rise. Banknotes are generally easy and cost-effective to handle... but how will you manage a coin float?

Shrap supports a sustainable future for cash, helping your business continue accepting it - without the hassle and expense of coins.

Shrap makes it simple to manage your cash float

Cash, simplified

Welcome to a more convenient, affordable and sustainable future for cash.

With Shrap, you can accept cash as you have always done, but without the need for coins. Simply issue change onto a customer's Shrap Change Card or mobile app.

It's better for business and for your customers. Most of the change you give out goes to waste. In fact, there is over £1.3Bn of it just sitting in coin jars.

Start seeing that value coming back into your business today. The change that your customers collect can be used to pay for small purchases - any payment of up to £10 can be received, for free, on Shrap.

Simple and fee-free

Download the app, top up your Shrap account, accept cash... and don't worry about the change.

When you receive cash, use the app or EPOS to issue change
Each customer has a unique Shrap barcode, which you scan…
…enter the amount of change to give, and send instantly
The customer can use their change to make future purchases
Use Shrap for fee-free payments

No strings

Other may say it, but we actually mean it. No commitment, no account fees, no transaction fees. Ever.

We are an independent business, and our purpose is to support cash and local trade. We make money by earning a small amount of interest on the money you hold on Shrap.

Take a look at our transparent fee structure here.

Shrap business accounts are fee-free

Privacy first

We are strong supporters of cash and the privacy that it offers. We therefore seek to have no view of your cash transactions.

We will never collect any data on who you are transacting with, or why.

Find out more about who we are, and why we do this, here.

It is easy for your customers to start using Shrap

Easy adoption

Sounds great... but unsure if your customers will accept it?

Well, no one likes change.

We'll send you a supply of Shrap Change Cards, which make it effortless for your customers to take their change on Shrap.

When you issue change just enter the amount, scan a card, and hand it to your customer - who can walk away with their change on the card.

Your customer can continue using the card to receive and spend change in the future, or choose to download and register anonymously on the Shrap mobile app.

Shrap business accounts are fee-free

Charities don't lose out

Many business owners are concerned that charities depend on coin donations.

With Shrap, it's easy for charities to collect donations for free - without the hassle of managing a network of collection tins and dealing with the coins.

Find out more about how Shrap works with charities here.

Ready to get started?

No account fees, no commitment. You can use Shrap as frequently - or infrequently - as you like, and withdraw your balance at any time. Quick, easy and free to sign up.

Still not sure?

Read a case study from one of the many independent business owners who have already adopted Shrap.

Case study: independent café

Without easy access to a bank branch, managing a coin float is increasingly problematic. “It’s very costly and time-consuming,” says Rhonda, owner of independent café Home Sweet Home. 

The business is small but popular, serving anywhere from 50 - 100 customers per day, including regular locals and visitors from outside the area.

Home Sweet Home, Northern Ireland

Cash remains a popular payment method, with around 60% of transactions made in cash.

“Our community supports one another, supports independent businesses, and cash is very important here” says Rhonda. 

“Shrap is a perfect fit for us because it makes it easy and affordable to keep accepting cash - the important bits of cash that people actually use - without depending on bank branches, which seem to be closing down everywhere.”

Home Sweet Home uses Shrap’s smartphone app to issue change and receive payments. 

Since adopting Shrap, Home Sweet Home has reduced its requirement for physical coin by over 60%, and Rhonda hopes to be able to use Shrap to issue change to (and receive payments from) all of her customers.

“It’s also great that me and my staff can receive tips through Shrap. It saves us having to deal with the coins at all."