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Support payment choice, optimise cash operations and open new revenue streams.

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Society isn't ready to go cashless.
Go coinless.

We get it. Cashless generally works better for big business.

But the fact is that cash will be with us for the foreseeable future. Whether it's accessibility, privacy or payment choice, cash works well for society.

We're here to present another way. Shrap removes the cost and inefficiency of coin, while helping preserve the denominations of cash that society actually values.

Go coinless, and support a sustainable future for cash.

Unlock the value of change

Maintaining cash infrastructure can be a burden to business.

Shrap flips this on its head: Cash can become a generator of business value.

Reduce costs, optimise operations and realise new value streams.

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Use Shrap for fee-free payments

Be a social champion

More than ever, organisations' commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is under scrutiny.

Removing coin makes cash one of the most environmentally friendly payment options. Committing to a sustainable future for cash demonstrates consideration and support for people from all walks of life.

Be a part of the future of cash.

Shrap business accounts are fee-free

Support payment choice

Nobody likes losing the freedom of choice.

While payment habits have undoubtedly changed, most people want cash to remain - and are happy to accept Shrap instead of coins.

Proven at scale as part of the UK's Community Access to Cash Pilots, Shrap helps maintain payment choice for everyone in society.

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Improve customer experience

The truth is, no one likes change. Shrap is better for businesses and customers.  

Issue change onto a customer’s loyalty card, receipt or Shrap card / app
Customers can choose to build a balance in a private or loyalty wallet
Encourage spend from loyalty wallets through targeted promotions
Receive payment and benefit from increased discretionary spend
It is easy for your customers to start using Shrap

Drive adoption

Naturally, businesses need to know that Shrap will work within their environment.

We will support your rollout strategy; whether it's a low-integration pilot or fully integrated deployment, we make the process of issuing Shrap at POS a seamless experience for staff and customers alike.

On top of this, Shrap's business portal and APIs provide comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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