Shrap for business

Counting coppers, cashing up, trips to the bank? Time for change.

How Shrap works

Simply download the app, add a balance to your Shrap account, and you can begin issuing change electronically to your customers.

When a customer pays with cash, use the app to issue change
Instead of coins, simply scan the customer's barcode…
…enter the amount of change to give, and send instantly
The customer can use their change to make future purchases
Shrap makes it simple to manage your cash float

Manage your cash float

Our vision is that you never need to handle coins again. Simply set up a direct debit with us, and your 'digital float' can be topped up automatically. Your money is held securely, and you can withdraw your balance at any time.

You have complete visibility of change issued and payments received via the app, which can be viewed on a daily report, or exported to your accounting software.

Use Shrap for fee-free payments

Fee-free payments

The change that your customers collect on the app can be used to pay you for small purchases, improving your margins on smaller items. Any payment of up to £10 can be made, for free, through the Shrap app.

Shrap business accounts are fee-free

No account fees

No commitment, no account fees.

Deploy Shrap at an unlimited number of business locations, with no long-term contracts and no charges for registering, maintaining your account or transacting on the platform.

It is easy for your customers to start using Shrap

It's easy for customers

Customer doesn't have the app yet? No problem!

We'll send you a supply of Shrap Change Cards, which make it effortless for your customers to start using Shrap.

When you issue change simply enter the amount, scan a card, and hand it to your customer - who can walk away with their change on the card.

Your customer can continue using the card to receive and spend change in the future, or choose to download and register anonymously on the Shrap mobile app.

Interested in Shrap?

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